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Poseidon Jet Ski Tours

Starting in June 2022 Poseidon Jet Ski Tours is looking to create a fun and exciting experience not only to the tourists that visit but the locals that call this place home.

Our goal is to continually add experiences and activities in our region. We’ve only just begun but plan to exceed expectations and really create a memorable experience.

These adventures aren’t just for the thrill seekers! Our tours are catered for the customers and the scenic views can be taken as slow as the rider wishes. So baby boomers don’t think that Jet Ski’s aren’t for you!

Starting with our Jet Ski hire and Jet Ski Tours. In the coming future we have big plans to ensure Townsville’s tourism grows, so watch this space!

These are some of the tours we offer so far. If they don’t fancy your liking send us an email and we can do our best to cater an adventure for you.

Pallarenda tour

Experience the power and fun of the Jet Ski by taking our thrill seeking ride to Cape Pallarenda. Follow the boys on a fast and quick tour for as short or long as you want.

Cape Cleveland Tour

Head over to Cape Cleveland and look at the historic lighthouse by jetting along the coastline, enjoying natural scenery and wildlife.

Magnetic Island Tour

Enjoy a scenic ride near beautiful Magnetic Island. Boasting a unique natural environment of palm-fringed and sandy beaches, large granite boulders.

Bohle River Tour

Explore the fascinating river system on a crocodile Dundee style adventure. This one is for nature lovers; the serenity and range of wildlife is amazing, you may even get the chance to spot a croc! Crikey.

Snorkelling Tour

Snorkelling over the beautiful reefs that Magnetic Island has to offer. Get ready to jump on your own personal Jet Ski on a guided tour and explore the bomies and reef on nelly bay.

Jet Ski Hire

Experience and unleash the thrill of the Jet Ski with our supervised hire!

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A little sneak peak at what’s to come!

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